Twitter Resource Book
by JaWar

How To:
  • Find more followers
  • Be a Twitter Influencer
  • Automate your Twitter Influence
  • Use Twitter for business productivity
Finally, a Twitter Resource Book that Reveals over 220 Websites and Twitter Tips for Better Tweeting!

Twitter Resources To:
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  • building your brand,
  • earning more money,
  • increasing attendance at your event,
  • improving your social life,
  • living -happy, healthy and wealthy,
  • getting more from social media, micro-blogging, Internet and mobile marketing
Learn the proper way to engage, add value, network and grow relationships on Twitter.

Twitter Tip Testimonies:

MizPecas @jawar I just wanted to let you know in the 3 week I've been following your advice I've gone from 121 follwers to 717. Thank you very much! about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

karenjonze new update on the blog entitled "Why am I single?" (inspired from a question by @jawar - thank you:D) about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

askodie LOVE TIP- Go give 'em a kiss right now and tell them "I love you!" (via @jawar) <--- he's right (Dude is an expert @ EVERYTHING!) about 10 hours ago from Tweetie

cherlyn0217 @jawar thanks for the PRT @jawar you're very motivational! ;-)about 11 hours ago from web about 11 hours ago from web

STREETTALKCEO @jawar hey there jawar!! great seeing the actual you today.. i love your energy.. gave em a boost!!!
about 19 hours ago from web 

DanielleRicksWant to connect with creative business minds on Twitter? Follow @jawar @VincentHunt #Follow Friday
7:44 PM Aug 28th from web

Leslie84 @jawar i like your background it looks really good!!
6:53 PM Aug 28th from web 

Twitter Resource Book

EvelynWellsMD RT @CBoogie1908: @jawar <----------- This man knows what he's saying!! #followfriday #motivation
6:43 PM Aug 28th from TweetDeck

HelloNorthGAHey @Jawar , you out there? Somebody plz find him...and when you do, #followfriday !5:23 PM Aug 28th from UberTwitter

Juicyfruit4uDriven,intelligent,inspirational,motivational speaker @jawar <==Make sure ur talking to him if ur serious about taking ur biz to next level 5:01 PM Aug 28th from TweetDeck

jchronowski47@jawar helps keep me motivated everyday in 140 or less #followfriday 2:47 PM Aug 28th from TweetDeck

MissPaulaFlavaRT @SlickTalkJ: Follow @jawar he's kinda a twitter guru.1:36 PM Aug 28th from UberTwitter 

greggates RT @Janiro #FollowFriday @jawar thn and you'll c why!
1:24 PM Au28th from web

ABCPublicity#FF @jawar he is constantly giving and has great life quotes that are in my FAVES!1:04 PM Aug 28th from web

Twitter Resource Book

CBoogie1908 @jawar <----------- This man knows what he's saying!! #followfriday #motivation12:08 PM Aug 28th from UberTwitter

sassieonduprisI met the homie @jawar for the first time in person and he a cool dude12:06 PM Aug 28th from web

Wasi305slp #ff GreatMind/very informative/Great person 2 kno n follow @jawar<< Follow /learn/better you 11:42 AM Aug 28th from web

ursulalr @MirrorFinish @jawar is an awesome recommendation to follow, thank you! 11:00 AM Aug 28th from TweetDeck

reporter4651 #Follow Friday I'm a single parent & when I first joined twitter @jawar took time 2 offer me some good advice 2 help w/my son. Thanks Jawar! 10:01 AM Aug 28th from web

Persona_Affairs #FollowFriday --->@jawar = good people, good conversation and great connection! 9:36 AM Aug 28th from TweetDeck

Twitter Resource Book

ClintonSkakun #FollowFriday @jawar because he asks questions that could change the way you think about life. 9:31 AM Aug 28th from web

TferThomas *tips hat* Thank you sir! If you haven't met @Jawar then do so! RT @jawar PRT @TferThomas Pay it forward & share the love...#followfriday 9:16 AM Aug 28th from SocialScope

dawnmitMany thanks to @jawar & @bodybychocolate for the great twitter tips! You guys are great!!!9:45 PM Aug 27th from web

CoolAbstraction @Jawar I would pay for your motivational messages...I'm addicted to them now :) 9:33 AM Aug 27th from txt

TierraFilhiol Fantastic, your wisdom is my investment! RT @jawar: Yep, I'm still working. The new book is coming together. 10:14 PM Aug 26th from TweetDeck

vitality4all6 @jawar noticed PRT not only benefit the follower of mine but also benefits myself. Thank you. 3:11 AM Aug 26th from UberTwitter

kelvinringold @jawar You help a lot of people; just want to make sure the Universe has you in mind too ;) Enjoy your day. 8:18 AM Aug 25th from TweetDeck

Twitter Resource Book

Stylescrybe @jawar you just got a mention on the 9000 Boys ustream show! Just thought I'd let ya know :-) 12:20 AM Aug 25th from twhirl

JeTara #MrTweet I recommend @jawar because ... his tweets are inspirational and you can learn a lot from him. He can help you business wise! 6:18 PM Aug 24th from MrTweet

rickwilsonwmg @jawar I must say you are the networking king. I love the way you connect with people and I am taking notes.

Nana0507 @Jawar I sware he can lift anyone up from having a bad day...I haven't even seen a tweet from him yet but he was on my mind just that tough!

lyric7717 @jawar LOL, funny!!! I appreciate the motivational comments each day, just wanted u to know ur appreciated!!!

esdeereinvented @jawar Was just thinking how i need to stop trying so hard and be myself.. no idea how i found your tweet but it came just at the right time

K4S_Ent #SUCKAFREESUNDAYS @jawar this dude is inspirational. I read his advice and I feel more refreshed and focused to start the day

Twitter Resource Book

TriniChiniBarbi @jawar if it wasnt for u and ur quotes i wouldnt have made it through my day at no thank u!

BrotherJesse If you are still looking for a speaker for your college campus, look no further than @jawar He will deliver!

msundertaker So now, I'm watching @jawar's videos with my boss so we can book him at our campus!!!

brittdeezy Need some inside info on the industry hit up @jawar or buy his book. Serious ppl only. He's the man 2 know!

BossLadiToya A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to @jawar and @jawarspeaks for the inspirational words and motivational quotes that you bring US. U R LOVED!

Bodyguard_Beats @jawar I need to take your Twitter seminar. I need more POSITIVE followers. Some ppl gripe 24/7. #getoverit Thx for PRT!

MBW_Productions @jawar How's it going sir! You've really helped me with marketing on here and in other areas, I appreciate you sir!

jayedii @jawar I love that statement among many others u post. U always have such inspirational quotes. I really enjoy following you!!

bigkenof334mobb @jawar <--follow the teacher.

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